ACMI-AIR Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation

  • An advanced air combat training system that includes post mission analysis and debriefing.
  • It comes with a system that gathers in-flight aircraft data, video and audio recordings to produce highly effective and comprehensive real-time post-flight replays of engagements.
  • The ACMI application also gives the freedom to train in any airspace as a result of its GPS system that does not require a set range of infrastructure.
  • This is evidenced by the pod being used on a number of various types of aircraft by mounting it on a missile launcher rail.
  • The operations are located within the ground bases of Kuantan and Butterworth.

Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn.Bhd (AEROTREE) with the cooperation of DRS Technologies,Inc (DRS) – the latest supplier and manufacturer of ACMI Systems in the world are offer ACMI training in Malaysia. The training is conducted by experienced ACMI Training facilator-using proven,matured and only the most uptodate and state of the art technology and training methods. We also utilize 'Autonomous Air Combat Training Systems (AACTS)' and 'GPS Based Rangeless Training Facility' as part of the training concepts and syllabus. The ACMI Display and Debriefing Station or Air Cobat Visual Environment (ACTIVE) provides three dimension, satellite and textured mapped graphical display for the bothreal-time ad post-mission viewing. The debriefing capability allows reconstruction off all mission events, weapon event fyl-out, and adjudication of all simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

The Datalink Transceiver (DLT) is available in lower L-Band version, When combined with the real Time Monitoring System (RTMS), it provides mission monitoring for all equipped players.

The intelligent Flash Solid State recorder (IFSSR) reliably records digital data in the harsh external store environment of high performance fighter.

As a leading provider of GPS based Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS) for over 40 years, we offer an economical solution to address RMAF's training needs. AEROTREE is able to provide a scalable system with full CLS and depot support at a reasonable price. This GPS based systems allows the freedom to train in any airspace and does not require a set range insfrastructure.

The pod is qualified on numerous aircraft and is mounted on a missile launcher rail. The ground base ACTiVE debriefing system allow full mission debrief and tracking of all participants. This debrief includes weapons engagements and kill assessment. The system is fully deployable and once at the new location can be unpacked and set up for mission support in less than one hour.

As an option, airbone pods can be configured with a Datalink Transceiver (DLT). When combined with the optional Real – Time Monitor Station (RTMS) co-located with the ACTiVE system. It provides a Real-Time(LIVE) monitoring capability. This option also provides for pod-to-pod communication allowing for Real Time Kill Removal.

ACMI System Capabilities

The ACMI system allows airborne participants to fly simulated combat missions against one another and generate virtual weapon shots and kills using weapon simulations, the result of which are audible presented to the pilot. Along with the air-to-air capability, the sytem provides a real-time. No-Drop Weapon Scoring (NDWS) feature allowing repeated testing/training of weapons drop operations. FMRI also contains a passive mobile ground monitoring system capability, which provides high-fidelity graphical displays (real-time and post-mission) Other features include differential GPS correction uplinks and ground controlled audio messages-to the pilot(s).


AEROTREE provides cost effective state-of-the art ACMI Training. This includes a guaranteed minimum number of ACMI hours per day, month and year at the agreed location. The minimum ACMI training hours per year are based on the assumption of the RMAF's yearly training program for the Aircrew.

Total Support Package

AEROTREE also provides comprehensive operations & maintenance support to ensure maximum availability and reliability. In developing our solution for a total support package of the ACMI system, the scope of support activity includes the followings:

  • Management of the Engineering Organization
  • On-site maintenance and complete technical support
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Integrated Logistic Support(ILS)
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Continuation Training of Technical Staff
  • Upgrade & Development Program