• AEROTREE Group able to provide VIP aircraft charter to cater for ultimate unique luxury, comfort and privacy customise traveling experience for private, business or governemental sector that travel regularly or occasionally from our own fleet of aircrafts with worldwide supports.
  • It offers the highest level of flexibility in private aircraft travel to fly with unequalled comfort, space and freedom movement.
  • The private aircraft arrangement is suitable to focus on individual customised itineraries, urgent or time-sensitive or ad hoc air transportation that can avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports with the queues through security compared to access private terminals.
  • In addition, it can access to more remote airports that closer to your final destination from scheduled commercial service would allow.
  • The emerging of AEROTREE Group’s VIP private charter aircraft services are due to traffic serious problem for business professional who value their time efficiency, comfortable travelling, safe and secure way of flying for the Government or Company’s VVIPs and senior business personnels.