• Aerotree owns and operate a SCRABll system comprising aircraft launch unit, command and control, GPS tracking and navigation and full flight telemetry
  • The SCRABll is one of a range of remotely piloted vehicles
  • The SCRABll , which is used over land and sea as a target for a variety of gun and missile air defence systems, is powered by a rear-mounted engine.
  • It is fitted with our own digital autopilot, telemetry, GPS and waypoint navigation systems to provide accurate and reliable flight profiles to ranges of over 100 km.
  • Operator control is carried out through the Ground Control Stations.
  • AEROTREE DEFENCE & SERVICES SDN BHD prepares and handles "Unmanned Aerial Targets" for the live firing practice of the ROYAL MALAYSIAN ARMY (RMA). This operation needs trained crew, launcher and ground control system. All these need a high operation, investment cost and controlled storage. At the moment Army is the main user of the service. With the 10 years of contract, the operation held in South bound of Malaysia in Tanjong Logok, Kota Tinggi Johor Bahru. This service can be extended to RMAF and RMN for live missile firing. AEROTREE is carrying out local assembly and integration of the drones to provide cheaper solution to the forces in the future. The system using Launcher as device for Takeoff and parachute for recovery landing.


The SCRAB II aerial target is used for the training of weapon systems operators of anti-aircraft and air-to-air, as well as the calibration and assessment of such systems. The design of the system is based on three main premises: price, performance and easy operation and maintenance. This way, the SCRAB II can be operated after a short training period from both ground and on board ships to perform open-sea exercises. For this reason, the main components are protected by a standard IP-67 level.

The motorization is based on a twin jet engine that provides unprecedented performances at high speeds, while allowing it to climb to altitudes unreachable for other engines. Its development, specifically oriented for this purpose, gives them a high degree of reliability, operational safety and performance. The use of heavy fuels (Jet A-1, JP-5, JP-8, paraffin...) simplifies the fuel supply for the end user.

The state of the art autopilot allows for a totally autonomous flight plan, from take off to recovery in a precise and reliable way with data link range of more than 100 kms. With a single Ground Control Station an operator can control up to 4 UAVs simultaneously. Since as many GCSs as needed can be added, the number of UAVs in flight can be unlimited.

A wide range of payloads are available to cover any exercise requirements, including Radar-Altimeter for Sea Skimming exercises as well as visual, IR and radar enhancement devices. File. soutce: http://scrtargets.es/index.php/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=175&Itemid=755&lang=en

Alternatively this electrical power may be available for use by a customer-supplied payload