The Group also developed its own basic jet fighter training aircraft simulator of Aermacchi MB 339CM for RMAF/MinDef.

Having the full control in development of the system solution - advantage to reduce the cost and capability to further development the other type of aircraft simulator activities The FMS features a full-sized MB339-CM aircraft front cockpit on a fixed base platform.All the aircraft systems relevant to the pilot are implemented.

  • Complete aircraft instrumentations are hard mounted and replicated to provide extreme realism.
  • All switchs,controls,panels and displays are either actual or replicated to look,feel and operate similar to those in realaircraft.
  • High fidelity simulation of all aircraft systems,including HUD,avionics,weapons and tactical deployment.
  • Accurate control loading system utilizing electrical servo motors and controllers for pitch,roll,yaw and power throttle to motors to provide active force feedback to the pilot.
  • Use of modified aircraft seat with servo motors to stimulate motion cueing related to acceleration, deceleration and vibration.
  • Ergonomically designed Instructor Operator Stations(IOS) allows the instructor to have Full Control of FMS training sessions remotely.A joystick controller enables him to enter a synthetic environment as another air element.
  • A separate Debrief Stations allows comprehensive flight debrief to be carried out.
  • Simulation of computer generated forces (CGF) comprising ground and air elements that dynamically interact with the ownship.
  • Comprehensive malfunctions simulation.

The IG features the Rockwell Collins EPX-500 IG. With ten(10) channels output,utilizing the unmodified commercial of the shelf (COTS) technology to provide a cost effective, software-centric approach to sophisticated graphics rendering. The Display System comprises a 2.5m radius spherical mini dome with direct projection system covering a field-of-view of 280 degree horizontal and 160 degree vertical. Image generated from the IG is sent to 10 WQXGA DLP projectors via fiber optic cables.

The visual system synthetic environment is fully developed locally by Ikramatic. It contains twenty five (25) hign resolution inset databases of major airfields within Malaysia.Each inset covers high detailed visual scenes with texture features at 1m/texel resolution containing airport features,cities,geo specific buildings,prominent man-made and terrain features,targets and dynamic moving models (sea,land,air).