Halim Othman is a decorated Malaysian air display team leader and a former top gun pilot in the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Halim was captivated by flying as a child and fulfilled his dream at the age of 19 when he joined the Royal Malaysian Force. Halim rose quickly through the ranks and won Malaysia's distinguished Top Gun Pilot award in 1991 as the best fighter pilot in the Air Force.

Halim was an air display pilot and flying instructor in the Malaysian Air Force's tactical squadron and during his career has flown the Russian MiG 29N Fulcrum, the F18/D Hornet, the classic A4 Skyhawk and the F-5E Tiger fighter jet. He retired from the military having clocked more than 4,000 flight hours.

He is the first Asian national to take part in World Redbull Air race World championship. Nicknamed Toogoo, was one of three new pilots from around the world to successfully complete rigorous training and testing at the Red Bull Air Race Qualification Camp in Murska Sobata, Slovenia, and was awarded a "Restricted Super Licence", which allows him to race in the Challenger Cup. and in the first year of his debut he won first place in both Ascot, UK and Las Vegas, USA while finishing 2nd overall in the final race for Challanger Cup in Austria in 2014 World Championship. His achievement was recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records certificate It surprised many, but not Halim!.