AEROTREE GROUP established in 1998 and is a 100% local Malaysian-bumiputra owned company. Its core activity is to provide defence-related training & services. The Company is involved in the field of aeronautical engineering, aerospace technology development, aerial flight training and the introduction of new products and services in various capacities in Malaysia's defence aviation industry.

AEROTREE is currently the only company holding the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) and Air Service Permit (ASP) which were issued by the Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia to conduct the operation of flights of specific nature in the Malaysian air space. The terms and conditions required for obtaining such certificates include having sufficiently trained and experienced crews, aircrafts and appropriate equipments for the flights.

The Company's objective is to establish a reputation for performance and excellence through experience, commitment and resources that propagate technical competence and entrepreneurship, resulting in sustainable profits in the defence and aviation industry. AEROTREE's expansion line of products is a significant discriminator that allows the Company to engineer complete solutions for a broad range of high-tech applications.

AEROTREE is the pioneer company to introduce the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) for long term business models in the defence industry. The Group has secured several notable long term contracts from the Government of Malaysia namely the Royal Malaysian Air Force's Air Combat Manoeuvering Instrumentation, Target Towing and Electronic Warfare, development of first in-house Pilot Simulator Training and providing supply and repair services of various components for the fighter aircrafts. Its services are also catered to the other government agencies namely the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Malaysian Army Air-Wing, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, and the Fire Department.

As one of the players in the defense aviation service industry, ADS provides training & services in the aerospace engineering & technology development. ADS is also registered as a contractor under the Defence Industry division of MinDef.


The Group via one of its company, ADS is the only entity in the country that holds the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC), Air Service Permit (ASP) and Authorised Maintenance Organisation (AMO). Received from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and Directorate General Technical Airworthiness these certifications allow AEROTREE to operate several activities in the aviation for both, the commercial and the military industry.


To transfer highly skilled overseas training knowledge, technology and methodology to the country and to the region, by employing a phased approach of Defence and Aerospace based integrated training center in Malaysia.


To enable superior and effective training through the synergy of manpower, technology, resources and innovation.


"Nurturing Your Fleet"


Aerotree Defence & Services
Incorporated on 23 October 1998
Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn Bhd (Aerotree) was established in 1998 as an aerospace engineering and technology development firm. Currently Aerotree specializes
Aerotree Flight & Services
Incorporated on 25 October 2011.
Based in Subang Airport, AFS is involved in target towing activities together with hangar development.
Ikramatic Synergy Sdn Bhd
Incorporated on 19 June 2008
Is involved in the development of basic jet fighter simulator at its own building in Kuantan's base of the Royal Military Air Force (RMAF), Pahang.
Krisaktiteam Sdn Bhd
Incorporated on 11 January 2012
Establish the first 1Malaysia Aerial Display Professional Team, a joint effort between GOM and AEROTREE.
Esteem Tree Sdn Bhd(Esteem Tree) and Aerocopter Sdn Bhd (Aerocopter)
Incorporated on 3 May 2010 and 18 August 2011
Esteem Tree and Aerocopter are both dormant companies.
Air Ambulance Sdn Bhd
Incorporated on 1 October 2007
It involves the development of the Group's air carrier services and provides hangar facilities at Subang Airport.