• The Target Towing Service is provided by Aerotree by using a modified Learjet35A aircraft to tow target for tracking and firing practice. The towed target can be shot from the air, sea or land using many type of live weapon including guns or missiles and is used by all armed forces namely Royal Malaysian Airforce (RMAF),Royal Malaysian Navy(RMN) and Royal Malaysian Army(RMA).The company is capable to provide a wide range of realistic targets with the expertise for surface to air and air to air weapons system, supported by real time telemetry system of target parameters.
  • The training locations throughout the Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak.
  • Some equipment used for this training includes target drones.

Aircraft system & Equipment Milestone

  • The TT service require a high capital investment, thus it is only prudent to do the service in phase due to potential funding constraints. AEROTREE has completed the first phase by purchasing a Learjet35a aircraft, modifying it for TT equipment capabilities, purchasing towing equipment, employing and training manpower, obtaining funding, licenses and other requirements to provide full TT services.
  • The company provides total system capabilities with superior target systems combined with suitable TT aircraft to the clients, providing a comprehensive solution for target towing needs for air-to-air and surface-to-air weapons system training and evaluation. Suitable targets are offered with the option of Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) to record target scores. Target Recorded by the mini marquee recorder on board can be transmitted live or printed for further details analysis.